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      with our
      Media Services.

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      Make the world your stage with our
      Media Services

      Order your RISK-FREE translation today!

      Media Is Going Global.

      According to The British Council, approximately 25% of the world speaks English. What about the other 75%? Nowadays, audio, video, and even online presentations are shared around the world, on a daily basis. That’s why it’s important that media is properly localized and culturally adapted.

      Media Services

      Share Your Masterpiece With The World.

      At Languago, we work with your production team to produce market-ready deliverables for your intended audience.

      Our services include:

      • Voiceovers
      • Script translation and editing
      • Subtitle translation and production
      • Art and graphics localization
      • Animation localization
      • Cultural assessment of multimedia content

      Why Languago?

      When you work with Languago, you gain a partner.

      We combine language skills with subject expertise to offer high-quality translations. Our translators specialize in a range of industries, thus ensuring that all of the requirements of your projects are met.

      After translation, all projects undergo quality control measures to ensure the integrity of our work.

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