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      What is localization?

      If translation is the hammer, then localization is the toolshed.

      Many people believe that translation is the only area of concern when trying to communicate their ideas in other languages. However, that belief is incorrect. Translations (and even graphics) must adhere to the cultural norms of the target language and/or region. For example, many major national broadcasting networks have websites for their Latino viewers. In effect, translation is the rough gem, but it has to be polished.

      Languago can help you do so.

      Localization Services

      Make It Local.

      Languago is your localization partner. As your partner, we help bring your digital, software, and web solutions to an international audience, in their own language. Additionally, we offer guidance and advice at all stages of your project, ensuring a successful delivery of your localized product.

      We provide the following software localization services:

      • Internationalization assessments through implementation and testing
      • Localization of user interface, online help and printed documentation
      • Comprehensive quality control
      • Utilization of industry technologies for consistency and cost savings from one project to another
      • Client review and approval opportunities at key stages in the process
      • Software localization and functionality testing as required by our clients

      In today’s competitive market, trust Languago as a partner who can help you achieve global success.

      Why Languago?

      When you work with Languago, you gain a partner.

      We combine language skills with subject expertise to offer high-quality translations. Our translators specialize in a range of industries, thus ensuring that all of the requirements of your projects are met.

      After translation, all projects undergo quality control measures to ensure the integrity of our work.

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